Thursday, November 06, 2014


Every Summer has its story, and Paolo & Apple's sunny & laid-back garden wedding is one of those we love telling. Time and again, we've mentioned here in our little corner how much we love outdoor weddings. There's something about it that makes guests feel more relaxed & be themselves. We guess it's because Summer is special to Filipinos - it's usually the time to travel, hie off to the beach, family reunions, and fun times with friends. 
You can say that all that, and more, was the vibe of this lovely event at the Farm. Although formal in most parts, one can't help but appreciate the couple's effort to liven up the occasion - their motif alone already added the burst of colour. That impressive ribbon backdrop, fluttering & rustling with every wind gust, the delightfully rustic table elements, that caramel wedding cake, the paper pinwheels (which brings out the child in each of us!) - it's a mango yellow of memories made under the sun, forever etched in everyone's hearts. Kudos to their photographer, Toto Villaruel, for capturing everything so beautifully. Thank you SO MUCH, Paolo & Apple, for making us a part of your very special day! ^_^

Preps_ Oakwood Premier
Ceremony_ The Mango Farm 
Photographer_ Toto Villaruel
Video_ Wang Videography
Planner_ Getting Married Philippines
Gown_ Hana Saab-Tomacruz
MUA_ Mayone Bakunawa
Reception_ The Mango Farm
Signages_ The Fozzy Book
Food_ K. by Cunanan
Ghost Chairs_ Olive Tree
Letter Pennants_ PopJunkLove
Paper Pinwheels Ceremony Ribbon Backdrop_ {etc} Handmade Goodness
Ceremony Setup x Bridal Bouquet x Entourage Flowers_ Vatel Manila

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