Tuesday, June 03, 2014


It's only recently that we've managed to take stock of our 10 years in the Philippine wedding industry. Although we started late 2004, we really only got noticed in 2010 with an appearance in Wedding Essentials magazine, and receiving an award from the Weddings@Work Community. Things have been coming up roses since then.

Our first real break in destination weddings came in practically the same year, and the location was Boracay. Back then, one or two Manila-based florists and one based locally, serviced the needs of weddings on the island. We have long dreamt of sending our flowers to Boracay, and wedding of Chris & Armi was really a lovely break. It was soon followed by another the same year and by 2011, we were finally doing entourage flowers for Boracay's premiere wedding planner, Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings. We've been doing so many weddings in Boracay, and for this we thank Ms. Amanda for her continuing trust and confidence in us. ^_^

The Boracay foray opened doors, and allowed us to ship our flowers to many other locations in the Philippines. Every delivery & shipping is special knowing that a bride from a distant location has trusted us with her wedding flowers and even without meeting us (not even on Skype!), gave us full confidence that we can deliver despite the distance and the sometimes exciting circumstances (ex. typhoons, unforeseen flight cancellations, etc). Most memorable have been the deliveries to exotic locations like Batanes (which usually included church arrangements) and El Nido (delivering to the private hangar while the whole world was snoring away in bed - priceless!).

Special to us have been the deliveries to Davao, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro - cities that have become home when we were growing up. Special thanks goes to photographer Ryan Ortega who opened doors for us in Davao. We will never forget your kindness, bai! ^_^ We also take this opportunity to thank friend photographers in other places for referring us: Mark Cantalejo, Jeff Kho, & Marlon Capuyan (Cebu), Kent Lazarraga (Davao), and Nog Bernido (Bohol) to name a few. Daghang salamat kaninyo! ^_^ Special thanks likewise go out to event planners who have, and still, refer us to their couples: maraming salamat!

Looking at our map, we wish to work on more weddings in Mindanao (Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan) and in the Visayas (Bohol, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Cebu) and most especially in Palawan. Pretty soon, God willing, we finally wish to go with our flowers and not just stop at the cargo bay of PR or 5J, imagining the dreamy landscapes our flowers will be going to while we're lining up to pay the shipping bill in the sweltering Manila heat. Yep, we have dreams of our own, too, hah! ^_^

For the meantime, when you're ready to say your "I Do's" - wherever it may be in the Philippines, do know that we can be there, and we'll be there. ^_^

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For more information on how to fly our flowers to your wedding location, please email us at vatelmanila@gmail.com // Thank you!

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