Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Ray and I would like to extend our masses of thank yous to you & your team at Vatel Manila and {etc} Handmade Goodness. Ray and I were blown away with the quality of work you guys put into EVERYTHING! I couldn't have been any more happier with all the bouquets, wrist corsages, R+V heart pillow pins, ring & coin pillows and bible band. It all turned out just the way we wanted. Ray was absolutely stoked with his Apple boutonniere and couldn't stop smiling when we saw the Jeep boutonnieres.

On the morning of the wedding, Ray and I caught a stomach bug which left both of us looking pale and feeling very sick, weak & a whole mixture of emotions. The moment I was shown the pillows, bible band and boutonnieres, my sickness disappeared (even if only for awhile) and put a big smile from ear to ear. It lit my face up with such happiness because of how beautifully detailed everything was. I stared at the boutonnieres (especially Ray's one) and I knew, I just knew how thrilled he'd be once he saw it - I was right! :)

Just when I thought I couldn't have been any more happier with the quality of work you guys produced, I then turned my head towards the TV in our room upstairs at Discovery Shores only to find my bouquet.. I was speechless. How can a bouquet floral arrangement bring tears to my eyes? It was the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen! Simple to some but amazing and everything to me. I now had a smile all the way to the back of my head. I couldn't have asked for anything more beautiful. The lace and brooch was the cherry on top :)

The one thing I love about you guys is your attention to detail. It plays such a massive role on a wedding day. Its companies like you that wedding couples adore and appreciate. You guys are amazing. You're crazy talented! From Ray and I (all the way from Sydney, Australia) send you our love and a million thank you's from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you all nothing but many more successful years to come. May your business flourish over the coming weeks, months and years.

Thank you for being part of our big 14.3.2013 PLATA-PEREIRA Nuptials. We didn't make a mistake in choosing Vatel Manila and {etc} Handmade Goodness.


Love, Ray & Vera
Boracay: Vera and Ray from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

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