Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A lot of wedding suppliers had their own stories to tell about their experiences during Typhoon Ondoy (a.k.a Ketsana) back in September 2009 and we thought we were so lucky not to have had a wedding that day. Until August 8, 2012 happened.

Back in 2009, we told anyone who cared to listen that another Ondoy will happen and it won't take 25 years for it to happen again, and we were right. At the Farm, we already noticed the similarities: the preceding two weeks of rain, then the day the strong rains finally came - it all looked painfully familiar except that the August 8 rains wasn't even a typhoon! And our luck finally ran out: we have a wedding right smack in the middle of a disaster.

Aside from having to deal with an office that's full of water, we also had to worry about the availability of flowers. Once we confirmed that our imported items have arrived & after negotiating with our Bride & Planner that we will guarantee, at the minimum, the arrival of the bridal bouquet, we set out on the courageous task of getting to Dangwa to get the flowers.

My driver and I went out to Marcos Highway hoping that the repairs made there would mean no floods but boy, were we wrong. Marcos Highway was to be the beginning of an obstacle course across Metro Manila.

Since Manila was flooded, too, we only got as far as United Nations where we had our driver park at the Manila Pavilion and we ended up taking padyak to the LRT 1 UN Avenue Station. Getting off at Tayuman, we took a tricycle to Dangwa where more water (and no electricity) welcomed us. After working on the bouquet, we went back the same route to UN Avenue.

Getting to the Ascott is something else. You'd think Makati will be spared from flooding? Think again. Needless to say (but we're still saying it), we made it to the Ascott wet as a chick. We've never looked so shabby in our entire lives, ha ha! It took us 2 hours & a half to accomplish our task for the day.

We'd love to wax poetic about our experience, but what the heck. We'd just want to keep it as a memory knowing that when the need arises to do so again, at least you know that we will be arriving on your wedding day come hell or (literally) high water. :-p



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