Friday, July 20, 2012


Remember everywhere, everything is in this place,
take a place if you found a place to take,
take away the way you want to walk away,
make a way with my mind my mind’s away,
wake me up when I’m on the throw to paradise,
lift me off the ground and take me to the garden of paradise.

- At Home, Crystal Fighters

Bonnie & Lee | 03.24.12 from Treehouse Story
This is the first time we're opening a blog post with a Same-Day-Edit video. We have to admit that what got us was the track, At Home, by Spanish/British electronic band Crystal Fighters. You don't get to hear that type of song every day. Second was the very distinct style of the videographer, Treehouse Story. This is our second time to work together , the first being in Boracay.

Working with bride Bonnie's ideas wasn't a breeze, to say the least. It's because the closer the bride's pegs are to what we do, the more difficult it becomes to execute because you want to make sure you'd come up with something really unique. You'd want to think about it over and over, plan, then rethink just to make sure that it captures all the elements of that particular wedding. This also explains why we always ask our couple who their photographer is. We try our very best to match our arrangements with their shooting style to allow us to complement their love for light, for example, & allowing them in turn to put our work in the best possible light. It's something that has worked well for us for the years we've been in business.

In the end, it's only after seeing the wedding photos (like those below) that we can really rest easy, knowing that we've done the best and the right thing. And that makes us - and the bride - truly happy. :-)

This wedding is featured on Bride & Breakfast. Read the post HERE.


Preps: Club Balai Isabel
Ceremony: Ina ng Laging Saklolo
Photographer: Mango Red
Video: Treehouse Story
Gown: Ralph Lauren
Make-up: Karen Marek-Atendido
Planner: Celebrations by Marianne Chua
Customized Boutonnieres: {etc} Handmade Goodness
Entourage Flowers: Vatel Manila

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