Thursday, April 05, 2012


Funny, but we have been tasked with the most, uhm, surreal of concepts lately. What we did for this wedding is not even the hardcore version of the bride's original idea, but given the near-catastrophic strong winds and the harsh sun on the day of the setup, we don't think we would have pulled that off. What we have here though is a more laid-back & realistic version of that vision: something that guests will appreciate (all the origami items were wiped out after the party) and more photo-friendly.

It turned out quite elegant, too, that we chose to work only with certain calm(ing) colors like jute, taupe, white, & cream. For the napkin bands, we found a certain gift wrapper that had a cherry blossom design and it was just perfect! The bride also brought home from Ikea Singapore two dandelion lamps (by green designer Marcus Arvonen; it's officially called the Ikea Maskros Pendant Lamp and retails at US$100 if you must know!) which added the right amount of quirkiness to the whole setup: it.was.just.brilliant.

This setup is the best example of how to style a wedding without having to bust the bank. To begin with, one must be able to figure out what items can come from the caterer, and what things should the stylist bring to achieve the desired outcome. It goes without saying though that getting the right kind of caterer is crucial to this kind of reception styling or else everything has to be made from scratch.

Vatel Manila's {etc} Handmade Goodness team was in charge of the origami items, the oriental vases they came in, the ribbon backdrop for the couple, the boxes at the photobooth area, the jute runners, the frames, and the napkin bands. Everything else was provided by the caterer.

At the end of the day, it's the synergy of your suppliers that will matter to make sure that your vision will come alive in front of your very eyes. ^_^

Styling: {etc} Handmade Goodness
Location: Thunderbird Resort Rizal
Caterer: K. by Cunanan

Photos courtesy of Jaja Samaniego | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

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