Monday, March 26, 2012


It puts so much pressure on us to write this post knowing that Bride Krissy is such an excellent blogger/writer, but what the heck, ha ha! Working on this wedding has been so much fun! Would have been more fun though if we did more things for them, but we think it's enough that we were able to pull off the look and feel that Mark & Krissy want for their wedding. Kudos, too, to MyPhotato for capturing it all so perfectly!

Laid-back, relaxed, and fun: that's the order of the day. We're lucky that the weather cooperated, and how! There was enough warm sun to inspire everyone who attended this celebration. We totally love the DIY elements here: the paper medallions the couple made for their backdrop, both for the reception & the ceremony, and the wooden houses that were inspired by the animated film, UP (A++ for the effort!). Everything pretty much channeled the inner child of every guest (oh, to be young and gay!).

At the end of the day, one thing is for sure though: we're going to remember this wedding for a very long time. ^_^

Boutonnieres: We've been working with Craspedia for many years now, but this is the only time that we fused it with non-floral items. In true SoCal tradition, our DIY team, {etc) Handmade Goodness, made leaves out of cotton and gray felt. We also added buttons and used jute twin to put it all together. They turned out to be so pretty & were such a hit!


Mark & Krissy's Wedding from Kel MyPhotato on Vimeo.

Preps: Astoria Plaza
Ceremony: The Mango Farm
Photographer: MyPhotato
Video: MyPhotato
Ceremony Styling: Vatel Manila
Extra DIY Props: Bride Krissy
Boutonnieres: Cecile Roxas-Padecio for {etc} Handmade Goodness
Entourage Flowers: Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

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Unknown said...

<3 <3 <3

I will also remember the wedding for a very very long time!

Beautiful flowers, Dylan! :)

Nice meeting you, fellow Kagay-anon :D


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