Tuesday, October 25, 2011


In what we consider a major feat for 2011, one of our weddings got featured in the Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines September '11-February '12 issue. Although we think the photos used could be better (see more here & here), we're still delighted just the same! A very warm thank you to everyone who made this possible! Photos by Mimi + Karl.

Also, on the page featuring the masters of Philippine wedding photo & videography, we got to style the shoot featuring Nelwin Uy, Mervin Gobaco, Lito Sy, and Paul Vincent. They also wore some of our customized boutonnieres, prototypes that were produced by our DIY team from {etc} Handmade Goodness. Awesome, awesome! Special thanks to Feliz Lucas & Nelwin Uy for this opportunity. ^_^

This issue, dubbed The Color Issue, has tons of ideas you can get inspirations from. Plus the Flower Guide, the first time we've seen this done in a local wedding magazine, is so much helpful! Get your copies now! Every issue bought comes with a free eco-bag. Ain't that sweet? ^_^

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