Friday, August 05, 2011


We have long awaited this SDE and it was worth all 8 months of hoping it finally gets uploaded. This was our second foray into the Boracay wedding scene in 2010, following the very beautiful wedding of our first one (check it out here). Unfortunately since Mangored shot this particular wedding, we do not have wedding photos to share so for now, enjoy the video! :-)
Bordoy Viterbo
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Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise! I didn't know that Bordoy uploaded the SDE (did he?).

Everytime I'm reminded of our wedding, I thank our lucky stars that you did our entourage flowers. I still wish though that you did the flowers for the event itself. That would have been phenomenal! :) Any chance you can re-create my bouquet so I can have it preserved? Haha. I know this is a long shot with you being so, so, so busy. :)

I'm so happy you're doing so well. I don't doubt that all your brides will be more than satisfied with your beautiful creations.



Vatel Manila said...

Ms. Lethel! How have you been? :-)

Yes, Bordoy finally uploaded it, but I think it was Bryan Madera who badgered (on my behalf) because I can't get over the fact that I had a Boracay wedding and nothing to show for it, ha ha! And I really wanted to get a feel of how it all went and as expected, it was what I imagined it to be. I loved that amusing part about the makeup, ha ha!

Yes, your bouquet can be recreated. I will just need to know if it can be preserved as Hyacinths are watery, then I'd get back to you on that.

Again, thank you for this opportunity! I will never forget. :-)

- Dylan


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