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As of this posting, I am still hyperventilating over this awesome engagement shoot by Mangored for Michael & Lethel who got married in Boracay last November 27. Shot in Binondo, heart of the world's oldest Chinatown (established in 1594), Mangored captured the flavour of the location: the grit of the streets whose loneliness is offset only by the yellow light of street lamps, the decrepit but stately buildings that ooze history, & the river that has given birth to a great city: temperamental & solemn on its bed.

Although it was not the intention of Mangored, says Ms. Lethel, to give the photos a Wong Kar Wai feel, I can say, like a true-blue fan, that his works were definitely the inspiration. In the Mood For Love immediately comes to mind, for instance.

The photo above, a view of the Muelle del Banco Nacional, is one of my favorites because it reminded me so much of my days as a former Manila travel blogger. You can clearly see the El Hogar & the former Pacific Commercial buildings from this view. The former has been used many times in TV commercials. I had the chance to do a series of entries on Escolta back in 2008 which you can view here. Just click on Older Post to see, uhm, older posts on the topic.

We are proud to debut the photos of Mangored in the Vatel Manila blog via this entry. We have been a huge fan and always will be.

Thank you very much, Ms. Lethel, for sharing these with us. :-)

Style Guide:
Dress: Francis Galias
Make-Up: Danny Katalbas of Emphasis Salon
Location Guide:
Binondo, City of Manila

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