Friday, June 25, 2010


I like rainy days. Apart from the all-too-rare-moments of rest that it gives people like me, I also like the feeling of the chilly, moist morning wind that wafts into the room from an open window. Nothing beats a rainy day. I like wearing long sleeves and putting on a jacket while imagining myself to be somewhere else like, say, London or Chicago.

I like the grayness of the skies & the occasional lightning (which gives the dogs a reason to snug closer to me). What I like best, however, is the new forms of life springing from the dead - quite literally. In this series, we capture fungi and shrooms coming out of dead trees here at the Farm. In this day and age where we always look at the bigger picture, it sometimes helps to look closely at the smaller details.

Here are photos from our home. :-)

Photos by Dylan Yap Gozum using a classic Canon 10D.

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Joannie said...

It was amazing how you captured all of 'em, Dylan and great shots ha!


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