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REAL WEDDING: ANDRE + ANGEL (March 13, 2010)

How the heck does one photograph an arm sheaf? Ha ha! Anyhow, the bridal bouquet made several changes until the gown design finally came out and we thought that an arm sheaf would be just perfect! For this, we used Cymbidium orchids, Lilac (there should be more of these now that it's Spring, but see you again in Winter anyway!), and Holland Matthiola. Black satin ribbons, white ostrich feathers, and a brooch with pendant adorn the handle. Very light, very easy to carry. I can't wait for the official photos! :-)

As most of the accessories for this wedding were fabric, including the chest corsages of the Moms & Principal Sponsors, we were able to make only four hand-tied bouquets. To compliment the scheme of deep plum & cream, we used rose cabbages, roses and berries to soften the overall look. The dresses were fitted and pleated so the pinks and the feather wisps were the perfect foil for the structured dresses, adding a soft feminine dimension.

These were last-minute changes to what originally were flower baskets. We made use of vine balls and inserted pink carnations, succulent shoots, ostrich wisps and a single black satin flower for a lite-weight, unusual accessory for the flowers girls. Oh, you should see their super cute dresses!

For the first time, we made flower pillows using all-white cluster Carnations, broken by randomly placed succulent shoots & Cattleya orchids (from Cavite). These were for the Ring & Coin Bearers. Lush & plush! :-)

ACCESSORIES by Cholo Ayuyao

Vatel Manila is happy to finally work with Cholo Ayuyao, the costume jeweler and accessories designer from Angeles City. He was featured in Wedding Essentials magazine last year. For this wedding, we contracted Cholo to make fascinators with cage veils & fabric corsages for the Moms, the Principal Sponsors, and all the rest of the ladies in the entourage. Left: The bride's fascinator / cage veil. Right: The corsages for the Moms. Everything has been meticulously hand-painted & assembled in Cholo's shop in Angeles City.

Left: The fascinator / cage veil for the Maid of Honor. Yes, compared to other weddings we see where only the bride was wearing a fascinator / cage veil, this wedding saw everyone dressed to the nines. All the ladies in the entourage either had a fabric corsage or a fascinator / cage veil. Right: The fabric corsage for the Principal Sponsors.

Left: Fascinator / cage veil for the bride's maids. Right: Detailing.

RECEPTION at the Glass Pavilion (Styling by Kaye Cunanan)

Left: Yet again, we had the chance to dress up a white cake. We rummaged through the bag of goodies the bride left with the caterer and saw strands and strands of faux pearls and tons of feathers. I mean, what's a mafia-inspired wedding without the glam? Here's our little tribute to Belle Époque (1930's version). The topper is all-black feathers that's why we can't see it, ha ha! Right: This event will be the first time, too, for the caterer to incorporate damask in their setups. This was a bolt of cloth that I bought in 2009 without no particular event in mind until I was told of this one. All coordinated - from chairs to the tables, cream / black damask on gun metal fabric with plum napkins.

Left: Couple's chairs covered in the same damask fabric. Right: Table names were from Mafia Wars, the couple's favorite online game on Facebook.

Thank you so much, Andre and Angel, for making us part of your SUPER FUN wedding! :-)


Entourage Flowers//

Cholo Ayuyao
Angeles City
Mobile: 0921.810.5538


K by Cunanan Catering
c/o Kaye Cunanan
Tel. Nos. 711.0940 (look for Meg)

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AnGeL said...

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU -- for making our day an extra beautiful one. If it weren't for you, all of these beautiful little details would have been none, and we would be left with the usual USUAL. We are soooo grateful and happy that you are our stylist/florist and you made the pieces look good and pulled together. We really appreciated all the time, effort, energy, sleepless nights, expenditures, etc etc that you went through for all of this. Thank you sooooo much.

Next, I would like to thank you for 3 things:

1. For your utmost generosity, kindness and talent.
- even Kaye Cunanan said for the third time that you are indeed so generous and that you really do things for love. Now I understand why. Thank you so much for being kind and generous to lend us your custom made damask chairs... we really felt like royalty throned on those exquisite chairs! As you said, "Lush and Plush"! And especially for entrusting us, first time users, of your expensive and tasteful damask fabric. Don't worry, they're not napkins! Hahahaha!

2. For taking the time out to thoroughly discuss details, consult details and plan plan plan plan with all those creative juices flowing... including the conceptualization of the lovely fascinators, and the trek to Pampanga to get them
-- hands down (and up!) to you for everything you did! Your talent is really something, and your skills match them well. WE are very lucky to have you as one of our suppliers and we really witnessed your professionalism and sincerity in your work. You are doing excellent in your craft, keep it up! We know you're going to be one of the most sought after designers soon and we are proud that we have been part of your art and worked with you along the way.

3. For being not just a "supplier", but a trusted friend, confidante, etc etc etc (yes, including Superman Glide buddy! LOL)
-- your genuine concern, sincerity and generosity have been key in your good rapport with your clients and we have really seen and experienced it. Thank you so much for being there in times when we were dazed and fazed with whatever-designs-have-you got to choose and also those times when we needed you most... from ranting and raving on comment posts and chats in Facebook to driving early to Angeles at 5AM to fetch the fascinators and belly busting in Subic. Thanks so much. You are not just a business partner, but considered also a good friend.

Thank you so much for everything, Dylan. Now that our event is over, we wish you all the best and success in all your present and future endeavors. We hope more and more brides will get to experience what it is to be working with you, like what we did. Coz we are realllllyyy so happyyyyyyyy! You made our day!

Lucky to have you.

Told yah when we parted ways I'll miss you coz the wedding is over --- NOT! I know we'll still continue to keep in touch. Now don't get too sentimental here, haha. Remember I still owe you a BARREL of CHAI LATTES for the grueling times you went through for me? Hahahaa..

I know, right????

Angel Apun (Tanriosa)
March 13, 2010
Proudly a Vatel Manila Bride


-- We distinctly remember this day: we had five (5) weddings (two in Metro Manila, one in Cainta, one in Cagayan de Oro, and another in Bora...