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--  The wedding peak season is coming up once again so before things become really hectic, allow us to share with you Mark and Camille's wedding at The Mango Farm last year. December used to be a great time to hold garden weddings ('used' because now it's a rainy month as well!) and what's not to love? The weather, the excitement of the coming Holidays, and family and friends coming home to the Philippines from around the world: it's a family reunion and a wedding all rolled into one. That's the quintessential Filipino wedding, and Mark and Camille's event is no different.  -- It's always great to be working with We Do It For Love because we're assured of pretty photos, with special attention to details and emotions. We're very happy to be featuring them on our pages again. We hope you enjoy this set, dear readers. ^_^    --  SUPPLIERS_//  Preps_ Velada Estate Ceremony x Reception_ The Mango Farm Photos_ We Do It For Love Photography Video_ …