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It puts so much pressure on us to write this post knowing that Bride Krissy is such an excellent blogger/writer, but what the heck, ha ha! Working on this wedding has been so much fun! Would have been more fun though if we did more things for them, but we think it's enough that we were able to pull off the look and feel that Mark & Krissy want for their wedding. Kudos, too, to MyPhotato for capturing it all so perfectly!

Laid-back, relaxed, and fun: that's the order of the day. We're lucky that the weather cooperated, and how! There was enough warm sun to inspire everyone who attended this celebration. We totally love the DIY elements here: the paper medallions the couple made for their backdrop, both for the reception & the ceremony, and the wooden houses that were inspired by the animated film, UP (A++ for the effort!). Everything pretty much channeled the inner child of every guest (oh, to be young and gay!).

At the end of the day, one thing is for sure th…


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Adele and Raymond Onsite Photo Wedding Slideshow from jaja samaniego on Vimeo.


Preps: Peninsula Manila
Ceremony: Christ the King Parish
Photographer: Jaja Samaniego
Video: Daniel Lei Studio
Caterer: K. by Cunanan Catering


Here's another wedding where we were caught unawares as to who we were making our bouquets for. I only knew who they were when photographer Nelwin Uy posted about the wedding on Facebook. And what a fun wedding! And what awesome dress! Need we say that our SoCal-esque bouquets went well with their eco-friendly beach concept? Loving it that they were blessed with such a wonderful sunny day, too! Congratulations and best wishes, Arthur & Jed! Thank you for allowing us to share in your special day! ^_^
Arthur + Jed : Boracay from Threelogy Video on Vimeo.
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Had an awesome time working on this Cuban-themed wedding last Sunday (and it's not just Cuban-themed for the heck of it; the couple really did meet there!) and what better way to look back than by sharing with you these drop-dead gorgeous shots of our flowers!

There's the right amount of color to offset the dark blue dresses of the ladies and to complement the off-white wedding dress by our friend, Joe San Antonio, we made our first ever all-cotton pods bridal bouquet accented with clear brooches: a true SoCal experience right here in summery Manila!

On the handle, there's a colored handkerchief with the initials of the Bride's grandparents hand-stitched by our own team mate, Cecile Padecio-Roxas of {etc} Handmade Goodness, a touching & very personal gesture. ^_^ Can't wait to share with you the rest of the set!

Photos courtesy of Toto Villaruel
CP: 0906.375.2255
YM: totsilog
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We were fortunate to have worked on three weddings last Sunday (March 11), in what seemed to have been an auspicious date for weddings under the Dragon calendar. What made it truly awesome was that we got to work with friends! Here's sharing what we got to do on that warm, Summery day. :-)
Adele and Raymond Onsite Photo Wedding Slideshow from jaja samaniego on Vimeo.
Adele and Raymond from Joannie (DLS) on Vimeo.
Jals + Vernon Onsite from J Lucas Reyes on Vimeo.
Will upload the SDE by Bob Nicolas once it becomes available.
Steven is from Wales, Kim is from Canada. They met in Cuba during a holiday, and got married (for the second time) in Manila. How awesome is that? This is MyPhotato's first wedding event at our home base, The Mango Farm. Loving the part where Kim says,"...I will support you even though Liverpool is at the bottom of the premier league, and I promise not to buy a Manchester United paraphernalia for our children..." Ha ha! :-)
Steven & Kim…


Raymond & Adele just got married yesterday (March 11) so what better way to celebrate that by sharing with you their engagement session, here seen bathed in beautiful Summer light!

In this day and age where old and pretty things have come out of the woodwork and have taken center stage, they've prettified pretty much everything in weddings, engagement sessions included. And how awesome is that green Beetle and the Spring-colored suitcases?! We remember growing up to leather and colored plastic suitcases and it's so nice to see them in photos again.

We also made a SoCal bouquet for Adele to add more pretty factor to their shoot! How's that for a fresh feel? Enjoy these photos by our dear friend, Jaja Samaniego. Video by Daniel Lei Studio will be uploaded soon.^_^

This engagement session is featured in Bridal Book & in Bride & Breakfast.

Location Guide: Lakeshore, Pampanga
Photos by Jaja Samaniego | Wedding & Lifestyle PhotographyEmail: jaja…