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A lot of wedding suppliers had their own stories to tell about their experiences during Typhoon Ondoy (a.k.aKetsana) back in September 2009 and we thought we were so lucky not to have had a wedding that day. Until August 8, 2012 happened.

Back in 2009, we told anyone who cared to listen that another Ondoy will happen and it won't take 25 years for it to happen again, and we were right. At the Farm, we already noticed the similarities: the preceding two weeks of rain, then the day the strong rains finally came - it all looked painfully familiar except that the August 8 rains wasn't even a typhoon! And our luck finally ran out: we have a wedding right smack in the middle of a disaster.

Aside from having to deal with an office that's full of water, we also had to worry about the availability of flowers. Once we confirmed that our imported items have arrived & after negotiating with our Bride & Planner that we will guarantee, at the minimum, the arrival of the bridal b…


We've never cried so hard during - and after - a wedding than during Bombi & Apple's happy day at The Mango Farm. Everything was just pure Kleenex moment, from the vows to the SDE below, to their speeches during the reception. You can really feel the love & joy coming through enough to want to keep it in a jar forever, readily available during days you need comfort the most.

We've very lucky and proud to have worked with such a kind couple, and with really awesome wedding suppliers. While waiting for the official photos, here's sharing their SDE and some teaser shots from their videographer, Daniel Lei Studio. Enjoy! ^_^


Daniel Lei Studio | Photo & Cinematography
Look for Daniel Lei Sarmiento & Joannie Candi
15A Sycamore Tower Dansalan Gardens M. Vicente St. Mandaluyong City
Landline: (+632)334.9037
Globe: (+63)906.272.2320 (Primary)
Smart: (+63)920.501.6209
YM: wsi_lei


We've never really thought we'd be working on a children's party. Sure, we've had several inquiries before but we've not seen something we'd like to do since most of those inquiries were themed (as in the usual children's party themes: heroes, Barbie, & what not) but this one is different because apart from the color choices, there was no theme, only elements that guided all the suppliers. Think bowties, kites, hues of blue. It was a party we totally would love to be a part of.

Besides, how can one say no to Janna Simpao, the force behind wedding inspirations blog, Bride & Breakfast, who's been so supportive of our brand and efforts for a year now? Not to say that we'd be working with some of the really best ones, some of whom are just new in the industry but have made waves in their own field of expertise. This is one event where truly, more heads are better than one. Happy first birthday, Matti! You have no idea how lucky you are.