Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hands down, one of our favorite SDE's. God knows how many times we've watched this already: we're totally addicted to that song, the amusing curtsy of bride Bonnie when the church door opened, the details! We've cried & laughed to this, if you must know!Truly, this wedding was a work of art. ^_^

This is also our second time to work with Treehouse Story. What's funny is that we still haven't worked with them in Manila. We worked with them for the first time in Boracay, and this time in Tagaytay. This particular video is so non-pretentious & so natural. There is no attempt to be artsy fartsy, which makes it all so endearing. Really looking forward to meeting the creatives behind this awesome company. ^_^

Treehouse Story
Phone: +639178825374

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--  While scanning our post lists, we accidentally discovered that this wedding from 2013 was still on Draft mode, which is really odd...