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I like rainy days. Apart from the all-too-rare-moments of rest that it gives people like me, I also like the feeling of the chilly, moist morning wind that wafts into the room from an open window. Nothing beats a rainy day. I like wearing long sleeves and putting on a jacket while imagining myself to be somewhere else like, say, London or Chicago.

I like the grayness of the skies & the occasional lightning (which gives the dogs a reason to snug closer to me). What I like best, however, is the new forms of life springing from the dead - quite literally. In this series, we capture fungi and shrooms coming out of dead trees here at the Farm. In this day and age where we always look at the bigger picture, it sometimes helps to look closely at the smaller details.

Here are photos from our home. :-)

Photos by Dylan Yap Gozum using a classic Canon 10D.

The Mango Farm is home to Vatel Manila.
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We have worked with Arch. Edu Cortez of Extreme Details Photography many times before and he's really one of the nicest people around. Down-to-earth, easy-to-talk-to kind of guy, but when it's time to work, he's focused as a laser beam.

I remember this particular wedding because of a most amusing (& irritating) incident: when the bride's parents were about to walk towards the altar, I noticed that the bride was nowhere to be seen. It turned out that the "coordinators" (for the lack of a better term) forgot to fetch her from the dressing room. Sir Edu and I made the 190-yard dash to the Bridal Salon to fetch Janne, who was totally unaware of what was happening outside, ha ha ha!

Here's to more seamless, problem-free weddings in the future, sir Edu! :-)
Location Guide:
The Mango Farm Glass Pavilion (E-session)
Avenida, The Mango Farm (Garden Wedding)

The above photo won the Top 9 spot at the 2010 WPPP Photo Contest. What are the odds that while sh…


We're going to start featuring engagement sessions here at the Vatel Manila blog to allow our readers to take a peek into the preparations our couples go through prior to the wedding. E-sessions are like windows into the couple's souls; the props they use & the theme they choose show us what they are really like as people, and what they both like as a couple.

Oftentimes, e-sessions also allow the couple to become someone they aren't. They play dress up, do wacky stuff. Why, even the non-romantics are lulled into doing things they thought they'd never do in their entire life! Ah, the magic of the e-session. :-)

For this series, we discuss the shoot with Daniel Lei Studio.

Tell us about the concept of this shoot:

We aim to showcase their black and yellow theme, chess being Leo's interest and yellow being Mitch's favorite color.

Favorite elements?

We'll definitely remember the yellow and white balloons and the big chess board.

How do you make couples feel c…

REAL WEDDING: CHRIS & ARMI (April 30, 2010)

You guys probably wouldn't believe it when I say that as of this writing, I have not met Armi yet, our bride for this wonderful summer wedding in Boracay (our very first!). I think Armi and I started communicating some time late February. It started with an SMS inquiry. I immediately noticed that she spelled out every word and I felt some sort of immediate kinship because not many take the effort of doing that (SMS, methinks, says a lot about a person's character).

The bride had only one instruction for her bouquet: it must reflect the reggae colors of green, yellow, black and red. This was to reflect the groom being a rasta. I agonized over this for a long time because as is our aesthetic, we never wanted to do anything so literal as to actually use anything related to the reggae theme. I admit I was tempted to use a reggae bonnet as the bouquet's handle ribbon, LOL! In the end, good sense got the better of us and we stuck to the classic idea of a bridal bouquet withou…