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Very unusual, but I am flattered. Two wedding blogs, Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels by Blanche Rivera and The Wedding Enthusiast by Meleen Rodriguez-Carlos, requested us to make a list of our Top 10 favorite bouquets. The thing is, I have done so many and I can't possibly have one favorite (or a top 10, for that matter) so here's a short list of 15 bouquets that I liked. FOR NOW. I will make another when I get official photos of the new ones and those I've made in the past.

This was the very first time we used yellow Ecuadorian roses (in 2006?) and I immediately fell in love with Ecuadorian roses since then. The fact that these beauties are available all year round and their prices don't change regardless of season is a huge plus, too. I totally love the yellow-ness of this bouquet and the way the details of the petals presented themselves. You can actually appreciate the layering! There's grace and strength at the same time. Paired with rice flowers and a bas…

REAL WEDDING: ANDRE + ANGEL (March 13, 2010)

How the heck does one photograph an arm sheaf? Ha ha! Anyhow, the bridal bouquet made several changes until the gown design finally came out and we thought that an arm sheaf would be just perfect! For this, we used Cymbidium orchids, Lilac (there should be more of these now that it's Spring, but see you again in Winter anyway!), and Holland Matthiola. Black satin ribbons, white ostrich feathers, and a brooch with pendant adorn the handle. Very light, very easy to carry. I can't wait for the official photos! :-)

As most of the accessories for this wedding were fabric, including the chest corsages of the Moms & Principal Sponsors, we were able to make only four hand-tied bouquets. To compliment the scheme of deep plum & cream, we used rose cabbages, roses and berries to soften the overall look. The dresses were fitted and pleated so the pinks and the feather wisps were the perfect foil for the structured dresses, adding a soft feminine dimension.

These were last-minut…