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--  2014 is almost over so we're taking this opportunity to review some of our weddings from years back that are still waiting to be featured on our blog. Today, we're sharing with you David & Therese's wedding from June 2013. ^_^  - June has not been a particularly busy month for weddings in the Philippines as of late, especially in the light of climate change where the rainy season has gone from bad to worse. Personally, we feel that the past 5 years had been really bad, climate wise. Before, we used to be able to predict the weather. Now, it's just - well, unpredictable. One thing is for sure though: the rain - or typhoons, for that matter - has never dampened the spirits of Filipino couples in celebrating their love through weddings.  - This was our first time to work with Adrian Ardiente under his own brand. That, and Stephen Wedding Films (check out their SDE below), made us all the more excited to post this laid-back, travel-themed wedding in Batangas / Tag…