Saturday, February 08, 2014


It's been a while since we last featured an engagement session here on the blog, but this particular shoot is special and timely because Ed & Chimene are getting married today in Baguio City. We're very delighted to share with you this lovely set from Red Monkey Studios. Congratulations & Best Wishes! ^_^ 
Photographers_ Abel Baldemor + Fay Nicolas
Stylist_ Aira Franco
HMUA_ Fritz Mortel
Shoot Coordinator_ Rhia Lluea Darang
Location Guide_ Baguio + La Trinidad 
We feature engagement sessions to show how our couples prepare for their big day. If you are a Vatel Manila couple & wish to share with us your own, please let us know!

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wedding photographer chicago said...

Great work. I love the way you capture the emotions!


--  While scanning our post lists, we accidentally discovered that this wedding from 2013 was still on Draft mode, which is really odd...