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--  A funny thing happened during our delivery to Bride Carla's room. Blame it on our being early (and for the Front Desk for not confirming), but we didn't know that she was still in the shower when we arrived and because we were already there, she had to come out in a robe - with shampoo on her hair. It was the most amusing thing ever, with me getting suds on my face when we bussed each other on the cheek. We still laugh about it to this day! 
It's also really rare that we get to meet our couples before their wedding date, and we got to meet John & Carla at least twice: during their engagement shoot at The Mango Farm (where we also met stylist Aira Franco & MUA Fritz Mortel for the first time!), and then during our birthday party. We're also stoked to be working again with Ryan Ortega on this wedding. The couple's Champagne-Honeysuckle-Lavender-Sand-Blush color motif & French Botanical theme was just perfect for his shooting style. Our favourite part…