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CABUSAO - DE LAS ARMAS (December 27, 2009)

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CRUZ - BINAG (December 20, 2009)

This day started at 5AM with me harvesting some branches from my collection of dried curly willow for the aisle flowers. At 6AM, both my hands were already full of white paint. By 8AM, I was carrying some stuff to the ceremony area.By 9AM when my staff arrived, I already finished the job by 70%. Yes, that was how ganado I was for this event, ha ha! By 9.30AM, I cleaned my hands (my hands smelled of thinner the entire day), bathed, changed into my formals and drove to The Astoria Plaza to deliver the flowers. It's been a weird day actually: umaaraw na umuulan. I have been praying hard because this is my last garden event for 2009 and oh, dear God, He can't allow it to rain today! Hours after, we keep on thanking the heavens for giving us the chance to do this beautiful wedding. To A & J, all the best to you! Thank you, thank you so much!:-)


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PATAPAT - JUANSON (December 19, 2009)

There is no doubt that when it comes to flowers, yellow is Vatel Manila's favorite color. Who can deny the joy that the color yellow brings? Yellow is the sun, the shine that takes away the gloom.

Left: Pretty yellow Callas surrounded by dainty Queen Anne's Lace - definitely not your usual combination! Right: For the offertory baskets, we found these last-two pair in Dapitan and filled them with these beautiful button mums! Don't these look delicious?

Left: Orange Alstromeria for the Principal Sponsors. Right: Yellow button mums make up these pomanders for the flower girls. We used pleated fabric ribbons to add texture to the arrangement. Prior to delivery to the hotel, we inserted acrylic crystals between the flowers.

Entourage Flowers//

GISBERT - AGUIRRE (December 14, 2009)

When the couple first visited the Farm, they mentioned something about doing a Jewish wedding. Funny enough, I actually have two chuppahs at the Farm, sewn way back in 2005 for Vatel Manila's very first wedding. That wedding wasn't Jewish, but I kinda felt that it's nice getting married under such a structure especially in gardens. For this wedding, I didn't use any of my two chuppas. Instead, we created a new one for them, something larger, because they wanted to sit down instead of the usual (which was standing up). The altar was very simple. The adornment was just a vase of fragrant Easter Lilies (as requested by the couple). We simply lighted all four corners so that it will come alive in the evening.

In the olden days, no significance was attached to open-air ceremonies. In time, however, a ceremony under the stars took on great importance because of a symbolic association to a Biblical blessing,"I will multiply your seeds as the stars of heaven." (Exod…