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I have long waited for these photos to be posted at Andy Samaniego's blog and here they are at last! I recall with fondness this September 12 wedding. One of Vatel Manila's favourite in recent memory. Oh, if it only weren't raining! :-)

More photos here: Andy Samaniego's Blog

MONPONBANUA - REGINO (September 12, 2009)

Long preps finally ended today with this beautiful and moving wedding at the Farm. Despite two low depression areas present in the country which saw seemingly interminable rainfall for more than 40 hours (as of this writing, it is still raining), the couple's joie de vivre saw the event through with class and panache. Our favorite parts of the wedding were the vows, but what got us teary eyed were the couple's messages to their fathers.Vatel Manila sends its warmest greetings to our couple! May you be blessed abundantly and may God grant the wishes of your hearts. :-)

Left: The mixture of white & yellow Liliums with a background of Dancing Lady orchids (Oncidium sp.) gave the all-white chiffon altar the life it needed. Right: We also received delivery of our new couple's chairs in black and white damask and Philippine mahogany (otherwise known as 'lauan') in matte black finish. Technically, 'lauan' is not a mahogany, but enough of this botanical discussi…

ACOB - VICTORIANO (September 9, 2009)

This wedding proves that you can hatch an event like this with only less than six (6) months to go. Oh, to be sure others have been shorter, but if you're all alone doing the bridal duties while the groom is in Honolulu, expect the stress levels to shoot through the roof. Au contraire, the bride was all grace and poise until the very day, so hats off to you! :-) Also, because everyone deserves a break, the good Lord allowed the sun to come out - a welcome break from three weeks of continuous rain. I can't wait for the dry season which is expected to begin this last week of September.
Left: Our tree finds new life in this wedding as a "cherry tree" with white Dendrobium orchids as "cherry blossoms". Each orchid was taped individually to the branches making this a total time-eater, but the end product is so worth the effort. Right: A young girl blossoms on her own - quite literally. Roses on the dress, Mokara orchids on the head! Heavyweights from government …