Thursday, April 30, 2009


Welcome to the new face of wedding & reception styling. Now, more than ever, new, fresh, innovative and cost-effective setups will be within reach.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


You have to give it to some couples who really take time to record every bit of their preps - online! With the increasing wedding activity in the country, helpful tools have also become available to the present-day couples such as or to help update guests and friends as to the level of the preparations being done.

Is this helpful? Yes, we think it is. It also adds to building the excitement leading to the event day itself. Cons: you have to take time to work on this so as to not make it look "bitin". It helps to be honest, too, about everything, frustrations included. Otherwise, we think it's a fun thing to do together as a couple-to-be. :-)


Friday, April 24, 2009


Meet TANGY, my new Mr. P desk lamp at the office. Yes, by the looks of him, he's going to get more fondling than I do. Awww, shucks. I think I should get another one.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


If there's anything I really miss, it's watching films and writing about them after. Before I came to the Farm, I was in the medical field and wrote film reviews for and restaurant reviews for an Inquirer-Hinge Media Magazine on the side.

To be continued...

Friday, April 17, 2009


I've heard of this particular parish church only because this is where a celebrity couple got married in December 8, 2003 (okay, it's Julius Babao and Tintin Bersola, if you insist!) so my hopes were high that wow, this must be a really really nice church apart from the comments I've received that it is particularly old. So off I went on a 15-minute drive to Cogeo to check it out.

Okay, I guess we have to define "old" here. My idea of old is anything built in the 19th century and earlier, so when this chapel came into my range of vision, I was utterly disappointed. Why, it looks like it was just built in the 1970's! By the looks of that bell tower, it hasn't been completed. *sigh* One must never set one's hopes too high.
Unfortunately, the church was not open that day so I had to train my lens through an open window (climbed over plants, opened a window and aimed). It looks rather wide - are there six rows of pews? *phew!* It's rather wide and respectably long. The altar, however, is too drab. It needs major work, plus those fans! Tsk, tsk. Indeed, function over beauty.

I must admit though that the area is rather idyllic. Set high on a hill, it has a commanding view of the rest of the Antipolo mountain ranges and the town that surrounds it.
Grand as they come these days, this is the church's main staircase. You ascend from the main road via this wide, wide walkway. Cars, of course, can drive up the road besides to reach the church's ramp.

Must you wed here? It depends. If you live in this area, why not? Here's the unusual stuff we've gathered from their flyer: Principal Sponsors are limited to a maximum of 5 pairs only. Every pair above 5 is charged P100 each. PLUS all the principal sponsors MUST insert P100 in an envelope marked "DONATION" whuch must be given to the parish office. Talk about free will. Anyone who has photos of the Babao-Bersola nuptials? I would love to see how they decorated this place! Oh, wait. Here they are. :-o They had 46 Ninongs and Ninangs. Do the math.

Church of St. Anthony de Padua
Langhaya, Cogeo,
Antipolo City
Tel Nos. 677.9828

Morning ONLY
P7,000 (with arc, presumably of flowers)
P7,500 (with aisle decor)
P8,500 (arc and aisle decor)

Afternoon ONLY
P9,000 (with arc)
P9,500 (arc and aise decor)
P10,500 (with special arrangements, presumably of flowers + carpet and choir)

Time Slot:
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
8AM, 9AM, 11AM, 2PM and 3.30PM

Thursday, April 16, 2009

GONZAGA - GUIA (April 16, 2009)

In lieu of my usual photo collage opener, I am posting these photos taken during the proposal at Kawayan Farm in Pililia, Rizal. To the coolest couple ever, may your every evening be as special as today's ("...parang atin ang gabi.."), may you find in each other comfort and love ("...para bang wala tayong katabi..."), and may the good Lord lift up your spirits and grant you the happiness that you both deserve (" tayo'y sumayaw..."). From us, best wishes and congratulations! Ang astig niyo, pwamis! (Meganon?! Dahil diyan...) :-)

THE CEREMONY at the Avenida

The wedding at the Avenida began at 5PM. Would you believe it rained twice today? For the first time in my 5 years of doing this I wanted to cry. You have to give it to the bride though for her faith that it will eventually stop (it did). Everything was pretty much dry because the seat covers & the carpets were saved.

On your left are the three bride's maids looking pretty in motif dresses with full bouquets to match.

I also met Oliver,the adult Bible bearer. He's a former school mate from Xavier University. Que muy pequeño es el mundo!

At the appointed time, a signal was given to the bridal car to enter the Farm grounds. Guests were following the car by sight until it drove back up the Avenida in what could be the most dramatic bridal entrance since the Farm opened! If we didn't have this much space, you think this would have been possible? (Sorry. I just had to say that! LOL!)Anyhow, I think it kinda looked like a hacienda wedding because of the space and the trees.

THE RECEPTION: The Glass Pavilion Sunken Garden//

For this event, 230 guests were spread out on the Glass Pavilion apron (this area is good for 400 pax). The green spotlights and non-blinking tivolis make the venue cozy and charming.

The couple's friends performed some classic OPM songs for the couple like Donna Cruz's Kapag Tumibok ang Puso & Dina Bonnevie's Bakit Ka Ganyan?

The piece d'resistance for the balmy evening, of course, is the much awaited performance of SUGARFREE, one of the Philippines's biggest alternative pop bands. In this series, we can see Kaka Quisimbing on drums (wait, I don't think I caught him on cam), Jal Taguibao on bass and vocalist Ebe Dancel. For this evening, they performed PROM(the groom's favorite dance song), DEAR KUYA, KUNG AYAW MO NA SA AKIN, BURNOUT and IKAW PALA, all of which were requested by the couple themselves to reflect certain events in their relationship. A very spirited performance, to say the least.


I have to admit that I almost died when I saw the tulips that I ordered for this event. I mean, for my very first tulip-bouquet project, not only was I given a kind of tulip that is very unpopular in Manila (quite opposite in the US, but I digress), they also gave me the wrong color. They arrived in purple-black instead of mauve-blue. Since I wasn't allowed to mix other flowers with this, I just inserted eucalyptus leaves and crystals. I wonder now, looking back at this, if it would have made a difference if I used the grayish kind of eucalyptus. That could have lightened the entire affair, but looking at the photo during the actual event, the bouquet seemed to have matched the color scheme after all. I need to review my choices for this particular project and see how it can be improved. Nevertheless, this wouldn't stop me from working with Parrot Tulips again in the future.

For the flower girls, a mix of different shades of Lisianthus and dainty Queen Anne's Lace made for really feminine pomanders for the flower girls. For the bride's maids, Lisianthus, Sweet Williams & Queen Anne's Lace made up the bulk of the hand-tied bouquet.

Overall, a wonderful event. Something we'd remember for a very, very long time. :-) And oh, kudos to Hizon's Catering for really standing up to their reputation as a reliable events partner. Despite the rain that soaked their setup, they were still able to bring in fresh (and dry) linen and seat foams from their home base. Any wonder that they have cornered 26% of the market share at the Farm? Hmmm...


Ceremony Styling //

Entourage Flowers//


Hizon's Catering

Ralph Alejandrino
Tel. Nos. 435-8888 or 0917-5580258
22-C Mahiyain St. Teachers Village Diliman, Q.C

Lala Evangelista
Tel Nos. 0917.856.9049


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