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I came across this page while browsing the net which listed the top ten (10) Catholic churches used for weddings. I assume this list is based on the rate of usage of these particular churches, although it's obvious that the list is applicable only for Manila except for Calaruega, which happens to be in Batangas. Here's the list and my personal comments.

1. Chapel of the Transfiguration, Caleruega, Batangas
I haven't been there so no comment for now. I just found out that the facade is a smaller version of the San Nicolas Miranda de Ebro located on Plaza de Santo Domingo in Caleruega, Spain.

2. Basilica Minore de San Sebastian, Manila
There's nothing like getting married in a church of firsts. The first and only all-steel church in Asia and probably the first pre-fabricated building in the world (the Eiffel Tower isn't a building). I have been here on several occassions, once during the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel whose National Shrine this church was once was, an…

CASTRO - GARZOTA (January 18, 2009)

This is our last wedding this January 2009 - our 51st wedding since we started in 2005. Times have really changed - the setups have changed, the quality have changed, the prices of materials have definitely changed. Since December 2008, the prices of flowers have shot up 200% for still unexplained reasons. I swear this wasn't the case last year! Roses, one of the most in demand, is also the most pricey of the lot - at P180 / bundle of the medium-size cut. One can say that roses are currently weighed in gold. Because of the extremely cold weather of late, rose bushes in Baguio are said to be not blooming thus forcing local suppliers to import from China where obviously there are greenhouses with controlled temperature. Anyway, that's just digressing from the topic on hand.
For this setup, we followed the bride's request to have four floral pillars as their altar backdrop. This was based on what she saw on the cover of the Martha Stewart Weddings Winter 2008 issue. Unfortuna…

RAMOS - PUNO (January 17, 2009)

We got this account on the basis of a direct referral from Ms. Jet Versoza, the no-nonsense President & CEO of Josiah's Catering, during a visit to the Farm. You can say that this is our first 'celebrity wedding', the bride being the daughter of the legendary performer, Rico J. Puno. Of course all brides are celebrities in themselves as weddings tend to become the bride's day (and the honeymoon, the groom's).
This setup incorporated several elements from our past 49 weddings (yes, this is our 50th wedding!), the fabric swags being the latest styling tool. This also marks the first time the floral arch is used in this area of the Farm, a practice - so to speak - for the wedding on April 16th. With Tiffany chairs from Josiah's Catering, I think the entire setup is clean and straightforward with lots of areas to move about for both guests and suppliers. If budget permits, I would suggest that couples of future weddings make use of Tiffany chairs instead of Mon…