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GESMUNDO - QUEYQUEP (October 25, 2008)

There are reasons to be thankful for this day. First, because it came to past. A long, loooong time of preparing finally came to - not an end - but to fulfillment. Second, because even if it did rain for a long, loooong time before the wedding thus soaking up the fabric tents and several of the chairs, it did stop just in time for the 4PM wedding. What do you know? Things do happen for a reason.
That is why it was only right that a prayer was offered before the ceremony began. Yes, the grounds may be a little soft and well, mud did get stuck to stilletos and shoes, but what are minor inconveniences in the light of answered prayers? There is a lesson here: look beyond the small things to appreciate the bigger gift.
And it goes without saying that we share in Gilbert and Sharon's joy in seeing that things were working out as planned. :-)
This will be the last time I'd be doing this split tent setup for this area (well, maybe once more on January 11) because I kind of realized that …


This bridal bouquet arrangement was first made here and again, here. It is made of 16 pieces of white Cymbidium orchids and two dozens light pink carnations. Aromatic eucalyptus leaves were used as fillers. Ever present in any Vatel Manila arrangement are these acrylic crystals, giving the bouquets the sparkle that makes them completely delightful.
For the baskets, we decided to keep the natural color of the twine and accented them instead with striped lavender organza ribbons and further accented by imported pink statice and cypress leaves.

For the corsage of the moms and principal sponsors, we used old rose-colored Cymbidium orchids.
The hand-tied bouquets for the maid of honor, the bride's maids and the junior bride's maid. For the first time we used these very beautiful Anastacia crysanthemums which are seldomly used in the U.S. but hold up quite beautifully in humid conditions like the Philippines'. These beauties come in white, yellow, pink, lilac and green and are avai…