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LOWE - SORIA (September 27, 2008)

Another big event came to a close last night with the wedding and reception of Rick and Andrea at the Plaza Gat Tayaw and Glass Pavilion, respectively. Guess what? The whole shebang was prepared in only three weeks - a very, very short time to prepare for a wedding, don't you think? But we're already used to this. Our shortest time to prepare for a ceremony setup was one week (see it here & here) so anyone out there who wants to top that record, bring it on! As usual, the lack of a coordinator made the preparations go rather slow, putting strain on everyone who have to bear the brunt of this lack (venue, caterer, band supplier - everyone was on waiting-for-Godot mode).

Fortunately for the bride, I am not one who will sit down and wait for miracles to happen because whether we like it or not, miracles happen only when we want them to (did I just quote Albert Einstein there?). Anyhow, I personally broke the impasse between the bride and the band supplier by hooking up the sup…


Fruit pickers under the Mango Tree (1937)

2008 will see the coming together of the works of Fernando Amorsolo, the Philippines' first National Artist (c. 1975). Below are the schedule of events:

The Ayala Museum exhibition ‘Amorsolo’s Maidens Concealed and Revealed’ will be from Oct. 23 to March 8, 2009. It "will survey Amorsolo’s rendering of women as a means of following his career, and will draw attention to his maidens from the American period and his studies of nudes from the post-war years as a tribute to his brilliance. "

The GSIS Museum's ‘Rituals and Amorsolo’, from Oct. 2 to Dec. 20, “underlines how rituals reflect values, beliefs, and shared knowledge, how it brings about interactions among people, places and objects, how it expresses the core of social identity of communities, how it fortifies social structures and institutions, and perpetuates social values. Portrayals include baptisms, praying the Angelus, a family’s walk to Sunday mass.”

The Lopez Memorial…