Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is to thank all those who visited or dropped by The Mango Farm booth during the 3rd Philippine Wedding Congress! The booth was made of native baby crib baskets (around 20 pieces) clasped together to form lamps. I would have wanted to use naked bulbs but as you would have known by now, incandescent lamps are being phased out around the world by 2010, so I had to make do with frosted ones. Drat. I also would have wanted a high solid wall of baskets, but that would drive up the cost too much so I had to settle with a tumbling-down look for the booth. We can't do much with the booth next to ours so we added bamboo sticks to somewhat cover their yellow curtains. As you might have noticed, the Farm's name are also spelled out in baby colors (fabric letters from simple joys). That pretty much completed our theme of "Bountiful Harvest" - a bountiful harvest of children for all our couple-clients.
I think I'm in the wrong business, ano? I just might enroll at PSID. This is the 3rd time I've designed the booth of the Farm and all of them looked more like interior design booths than wedding-themed. Hmmmm....

And oh, we also thank all the judges for making us a FINALIST in the Best Booth Design Category. We will do better next year, promise. Until next year then! Arrividerci!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Oh, here's another blast from a more recent past, that of Mel and Joanne's. This was by Director's Cut who had to share - and vie for - precious photography space with Jun Valbuena. It was like a cockfight. Proof of this is the presence of at least one Valbuena staff (in dark blue polo) in almost every Director's Cut video still above. It was, to say the very least, fun to watch.

Wait! Watch their nice, touching AVP here! For our own (zombiesque) coverage of the event, view it here.

Anyway, I just discovered today through Yin Valientes that there are more photos here and here! Aaaaiiiieeeee!!!!


Egad! The ghosts of weddings past have come to haunt me! ^_^ Here are some photos from our March 10, 2007 wedding here at the Farm. The montage are by Ariel Javelosa. Found them today while I was Googling for photos of past events. Nakakatuwa! I distinctly remember that altar backdrop. We never used it again, although it did look great as the sun was going down.

Our own coverage of the event is here. Click on photos to enlarge. ^_^


Were it not for my access to the Farm email, I wouldn't have stumbled upon this cute montage of weddings past courtesy of the mangofarmer, of course. Wonderful rendition of All I Do Is Dream of You by Stacey Kent.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Mango Farm has released its new postcard for the 3rd Philippine Wedding Congress and all the setup as seen in the small photos below were by yours truly. Thanks, TMF!


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