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I am happy about this event because I was able to fulfill a dream: to finally do my first ever church wedding. Second, that I was to able to do it in an old one (I am a huge fan of old churches) and Paco Park, at 188 years old, is no mean feat! Thirdly, that I was able to work with people I already worked with before.

I do not know the couple personally, but I do know her former boss. We worked together in the Peninsula Manila event. The bride, Rose, was one of the staff. She happened to have brought home some of my centerpieces that time and they were the flowers at their house when the groom did the traditional pamamanhikan. Sweet. So I guess that made the connection.

If Vatel Manila were to do more projects outside the Farm (and I hope that’d be soon!), I guess we already know what to do. And yes, Jaime, we will not do it at Divisoria rates ("Where everything is a steal!") , ha ha! So, anybody out there who is planning to get mar…