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BAYLON - ARGUELLES (August 31, 2008)

Without a doubt this should have been the one of the most memorable weddings at the Farm to date had it not been for the finicky weather patterns. And it did rain, it stopped, and it rained again making Plans A & B occur within minutes of each other.

Planning for this event began very early in the year with several emails and a few meetings. It was upon the bride’s insistence that the long-retired floral arch was resurrected (but was used earlier than expected for this wedding when the weather threatened not to cooperate). Plan A, IMHO, turned out really swell. The photos say it all. The setup was robust, clean and inspired because we had all our energies focused towards delighting the bride and the guests. There was a minor crisis that occured during the reception setup but that was licked within an hour.

One hour before the event, everything was sunny, peaceful, orderly. No sign of impending rain, although it was already raining in Manila in the morning and along Katipunan area by…

DOROY - ENRIQUEZ (August 16, 2008)

Don't you just hate it when not everything happens according to plan? But don't you just love it when what happens instead turns out to be far better than the original concept? For this event, we were happy to be given the chance to recreate something which we first did here exactly a year and one month ago! With the groom's permission, I was able to secure a tent at the last minute from Tent Asia (thank you!) and I'm doubly thankful that they were at the Farm very early the next morning so we lost no time in covering the ceiling with billowing fabric swags just in time for the 5 PM wedding. Luckily, it didn't rain that hard and thanks to the thick forest cover of the Plaza Gat Tayaw, the guests outside the tent didn't even feel the rain at all.

I know setting up a garden wedding is super stressful both for the stylist / florist and the couple especially in venues where there isn't a roof over their "gardens", but different venues call for differe…


Believe it or not, I forgot to take photos of the bridal bouquet, hahaha! (Or should it be huhuhu?) I have to wait for a copy of Jun Valbuena's photos for this. Anyway, here's a photo of bouquet at best. It doesn't show you much of its details, but it's actually a merry mix of two pink hyndrangeas (which were soooooo difficult to find during these time because of the typhoon), some pink Gerberas and Carnations to reflect the flowers of the entourage, a generous dose of Millions Stars (the small white flowers), Eucalyptus leaves and blue Delphiniums (on the side facing the bride). Interspersed between all of these are imported blue statice, the blueness of which simply takes the breath away (at least that's what it did to my chief florist). For the handle, I decided to use a darker hue of blue for the ribbon (as opposed to the motif which was aqua blue) for it to stand out. Striped ribbons are very Fall 2008 in the United States. They are very, very mod. The weaved …