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Trust us. We have seen many times how having a coordinator - whether they're a team or just one person - has saved many a wedding day. Here at The Mango Farm, we have - on many occassions - filled in the gaps left by not hiring a coordinator or not having a point-person to talk to when the circumstance called for it. We do not wish to see a wedding fail or flounder so we try the best we can to help the couples, but there's a limit to every effort.

COORDINATOR TYPES. There are two kinds of coordinators: one that will see you through from start to finish, and one who will just be on D-Day itself (on-the-day coordinators). There are budgetary considerations in choosing which one will suit you best, but a lot of couples we've met usually get the services of the latter simply because the brides-to-be love to do the preparations themselves so as to get a better hold of how things are done. More and more brides are taking control of their own weddings because "personalized&qu…

SOLIS-GATDULA (January 25, 2008)

When the groom's parents (here, his Japanese mother) lit the candles at the altar, this signaled the beginning of Vatel Manila's last wedding this marry month of January. Officially, too, the wedding season in the Philippines finally comes to a close as January slowly ends. Family reunions are wrapping up and everyone is going back to their hometowns either here or abroad. In lieu of the rainy months of June (which is the wedding month in the Western world), the tropics - and the Philippines in particular - take advantage of the holiday season to get wed in December with the expected spill-over in January.
The Solises broke tradition by employing a lone flower girl who, instead of showering the carpet with the de rigeaur rose petals (which the bride specifically instructed us to omit - that and Anthuria), made the pretty kid distribute white Lilies of the Nile (Agapanthus sp.) to the ladies standing along the aisle. The guests were obviously very touched with the gesture.
If the…


Entourage bouquet. This is a sample of a bouquet for the rest of the entourage. We made use of local cymbidia (pink) on a bed of red berries and pink carnations. The base leaves is eucalyptus. (Don't worry. That isn't the handle. It's a vase we used to prop it up during pictorial.)
Two brown bears embellish the basket of the flowergirl. For this wedding, instead of the usual flower petals, the flower girl handed out white Lilies of the Nile to guests along the path.

Another look at the entourage flowers. We also made use of faux crystals to liven up the bouquets. Pretty in pink!
The bridal bouquet. Since peonies were already out of season by the time the wedding happened (the bride originally wanted to have them), we made use of green imported Cymbidia on a bed of red berries and pink carnations (which she also personally like).
Another view of the bridal bouquet. We decided to go minimalist and simple for the boutonnieres and corsages. A single local pink Cymbidia with eucal…

PADLA-BUNSOY (January 20, 2008)

Today, we debuted our newest ceremony setup, a take on a setup that was first done in Pearl Farm, Davao in 2007. This isn't exactly like it but it's almost there - clean and pretty.

The aisle flowers used were only the yellow chyrsanthemum and calla lily. They were joined by really nice pine tree needles, iris, and rosal to make for a striking arrangement that is both clean and suitable for the site of the wedding.

For the first time, the gazebo's reverse side was used. This setup was supposed to have been used last December 26, which was postponed at the last minute.

The couple were blessed with a cloudy and rainy day. Here, the guests waited near the Glass Pavilion for the rain to let up.

Inside, Hizon made an unusual black and yellow table arrangement. I can almost see bumble bees coming out of their hives and settling themselves at the tables, tee hee!

At 4PM, the exact time of the wedding to start, the sun came out. Here, the groom, Josh, stands near the altar as he awaits…


I never expected my very good friend, Grace Pamparo, already a physician and training for Radiology at that, to actually still have time to dabble in - what else? - make up. She's always been known to be our class beauty expert back in our Xavier University days. She started me on photography, I recall, by lending me her SLR. Now, 11 years after we graduated from college, our paths have crossed again through this huge affair called the wedding industry - me in Manila, she in Cagayan de Oro City.

In these photos, she shows her mettle with the brush and the photographs by Dustein Sibug - all awesome and mind blowing - all the more reveal that great talents that exist in the City of Golden Friendship. (Say, is this still the mineral make up you were showing me the last time I was there?)

So, friends, if and when you need to work with the right people should you have events in Cagayan de Oro, you know who to call.