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It's not every day that an unsual project proposal falls on my lap. I mean, really, it's not everyday you are asked to do a stage set. When I was asked to attend a meeting for this project, I thought they'd ask me to do the flowers part. Boy, was i dead wrong! Turned out that I was to execute a design by ABS-CBN's Jaime Santos. I was given the job because he believed I am resourceful enough to bring the plan to fruitition in the shortest possible time. Yeah. Whatever.

At first, I had like a week's time to prepare and then tragedy struck my family (my Mom died from her cancer) and I was sidelined from Monday to Thursday to attend to the wake. The show was to be on a Sunday.

On Thursday, after praying to my Mom to help me get through this, I hit the ground running. First on the agenda: Find materials.

Somehow, I sorta knew Mom was helping me with this because I found the place to get fabric before lunch. It was in this nameless shop along C.M. Recto (it used to be a Mac…