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The Marry Month of June started for Vatel Manila with a couple who both know what they want, and will work hard to get it. I suppose their training as physicians have given them that kind of determination (here's hoping it rubs off on us!).

Meetings started as early April, and then 3 more short meetings after and lots of email exchanges between us and the bride, all was set for this June 9 affair.

The bride was inspired by another wedding setup of ours - that of the Talojosas (March 10, 2007) - and wanted the same save for a change in color motifs (she wanted white and pink only). The idea of the Talojosa setup is "ordered disorderliness". Go figure that one out. Also, in lieu of the small arch used there, Abby (the bride) wanted a half circle arch. This would mean building a new arch - and a bigger one at that!

The final product. A clean-looking setup that is user-friendly to both guests and suppliers. It may not have the same burst of color that characterized the Talojosa…