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GARCIA-CALLE (March 17, 2007)

Finally, March is over. And what a wedding to end it with! The moment I heard the strains of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (melody by Johann Schop, improved upon by Johann Sebastian Bach), I knew it will be an extra-special day. Okay, so I am biased. The music is a movement from a cantata written by Bach when he was in Leipzig. I love that music so much and it practicaly erased all my tiredness from preparing for this wedding.

The sun was shining softly through the pink altar fabric. The ribbons are waving in the wind. The tivoli lights are pretty even if it isn't evening yet. The bride was resplendent in a gown she herself designed. The groom was dashing in his suit. The guests were all beautiful people.

To Sir John and Ma'am Bernadette, thank you so much for entrusting to us the styling of your ceremony. We pray for a lifetime's worth of blessing, happiness and wonderful children.

Flower balls have become almost like a regular feature in weddings handled by Vatel Manila.…

TAJOLOSA-FLORES (March 10, 2007)

This is my second to the last wedding this March. I told friends that the level of difficulty is increasing as I end this merry,er, marry month of March. The couple, whom I never met, left instructions as to how they want their ceremony setup to look like: tropical flowers on bamboo pillars (not tripod style). The motif is blue. And they wanted an arch with a shower of white orchids for the altar background.
Here in Vatel Manila, we only desire to make all your wishes come true. While the bride was going down the ramp for her entrance walk, I heard her say to her coodinator, "Wow, ang ganda!"
I think I won't be able to mop this smile off my face for another month. Thanks for trusting us, Sir Juancho and Ma'am Myrtle! May God look kindly on your marriage and bless you with many beautiful and obedient children!

Doves behind bars. Does love beget freedom?

Lucky are the couples who marry while the mangoes are still here. Come March 22, harvest begins. Awww...sad.

Rose petals …


Haven't handled a tangerine-themed wedding for a long time! Come to think of it, this is my very first wedding in a tangerine color scheme. Friends say it'd be very tricky but I've always thought that tangerine was an exciting color to work with. First, because it stands out from among the sea of green that basically makes up the Mango Farm. Second, tangerine goes very well with green. Third, tangerine can be very classy if one knows how to temper its loudness.

For my first wedding this 2007 (the 1st of three this March), I had a new A-tent cover sewn for this particular event. The old one, first used during an exhibit in Megatrade Hall in 2005, now has reincarnated into curtains for the staff house. Sayang naman kasi to throw it away. I am also happy to use the A-tent again. I designed this in 2005 for an exhibit for the Farm and it has been used several times - from exhibit tent to a couple's booth during a reception to a cake booth. Name it, this very original Vatel …