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THE CREUSES, December 16, 2006

This was my last wedding for 2006. I never had the chance to discuss details with the couple. In fact I only got to see them on the wedding day itself. The color motif is aqua blue. Interestingly enough, the next wedding projects in March (2 of them) will use the same color scheme. What's with the use of blue in weddings these days?
We wish Christine Licuanan and Wally Creus eternal happiness!
The happy couple. Ceremony setup flowers are mine except that of the entourage.
The bride is escorted by her parents prior to "giving her away" to the waiting groom.

The main altar. The bride chose to use our exhibit tent (we regularly use this in wedding exhibits in SM Megamall) as her altar. Methinks the whole thing came out rather nicely. There is a unified and balanced look to this setup sans the usual clutter. The capiz curtain is lit by two spotlights from behind.

Aside from the trademark aisle decor, we also added a new touch - floral globes hanging from trees! They added dimens…

THE SABIOS, November 2006

This was another wedding I did last November at The Mango Farm. This was that of a beautiful couple, Fhilip Sabio and Mae Dei Chua. This time, I was able to use both canopies - one for the ceremony and one for the march up the aisle. I think it looked rather swell! The bride obviously enjoyed the feeling of being brought to the altar under a canopy of regal proportions.
I only had one meeting with the couple before their wedding. We helped them decide on the final location of their wedding ceremony. We only did the ceremony while the rest of the setup was done by the in-house caterer, Martha's Plate. The flowers used for this setup were white cala lilies, delicate pink Astromerias, and old rose /powder blue Hydrangeas.

The setup is clean; there's no obstrusive decor favored heavily by many designers but which takes away the limelight from the altar and the couple. The grass was very green that day. It made a striking contrast to the spanking new red carpet. This flower decor ha…