Saturday, June 17, 2006


The Pajarillos with a see-through backdrop on Vatel Manila's signature A tent. The idea is to provide a sense of enclosed space for the ceremony but not to cover the avenue of mango trees behind it.

Although I didn't do the flowers for the entourage, a special order to do the bride's bouquet came a day before the wedding. I should have taken a photo of the original bouquet to compare it with what we did for her. The one she's holding is made up of 2 dozens of white roses and 2 dozens of really nice green carnations, with minute accents of red and blue. The same goes for the groom's buttonniere. All other corsages are not mine. Sayang.

The afternoon sun tries to break through the thickening rain clouds.

Just wrapped up my latest project at The Mango Farm. I wasn't particularly happy at how this thing turned out. The attempt to NOT conform to what has been done before by others is taking its toll on the outcome. However, I am surprised that during the recent Perfect Beginnings at the Megatrade Hall, some visitors to the TMF booth still found the utter simplicity of this setup appealing. Hmmm...maybe each to his / her own talaga. Some want it "bongga", some want it simple naman. In the end, I figured out that what was simply needed here is VOLUME. Yes, volume in terms of floral arrangement. And something has to be done about those black metal stands.

Huge THANK YOUs go to Mike, of course, and to Farrah, our cute Farm secretary and to Kuya Leo for driving us to Dangwa. Thanks to Ate Ebs (last minute sewing!) and Mang Berting for helping out during the arrangement. Special thanks goes to Stephen for helping me get the glass vases from Las Piñas (in heavy rain!). To the Pajarillos, for their trust and confidence. Vatel Manila wishes you both great joy and love!

The path, now strewn with the de rigeur rose petals.
The color scheme is green. I used my own tablecloth on an alternate basis with the caterer's dark green Geena.

Dinner is plated in for the VIPs. If only I had control of the catering, I wouldn't plate-in food in this manner. So Pinoy to put it all together on one plate!
The people at the Farm have this tradition of lighting candles just when the skies turn heavy with rain clouds. Tonight, it rained anyway.

All that green. All is well that ends well.


--  We're opening this busy month of December with this Tagaytay wedding that we worked on earlier this year. Truly, how time flies...