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Vatel Manila is proud to announce that it has found a second home - The Terraces Dasmariñas - in Cavite. A 2.2-hectare property owned by the Ledesma family, it has the charms of a farm (the area is planted to several fruit-bearing trees like star apple and dalandan) and a garden setting.

Soon to rise on the wide expanse of space is a church plaza with a fountain (clearly inspired by town layouts made by Spanish settlers in their colonies in the New World) and several attractions designed to captivate the guests' imagination. Already, several Filipino houses based on actual structures from other places in the country have been built making The Terracesakin to a little Nayong Pilipino. Although totally distinct from Vatel's homebase of The Mango Farm, suffice to say that the development of The Terraces is inspired by TMF's own development as the premier farm/garden venue north of Manila.
The name The Terraceswas based on the property's most attractive feature - an Ifugao h…


Vatel Manila's signature A-tent lords it over a recent event at The Mango Farm.

I can truly say that 2005 was a breakthrough year for me. Aside from the fact that we got over several medical issues at home (one of which appears to be rearing its ugly head once more), it was also a good year to start a new business.

Despite having so much to do on weekdays, the events production company, VATEL Manila was finally started last summer. We've had 2 projects since we opened and only last week, 2006 opened with yet another project in Cavite - the first outside Vatel's homebase of Antipolo - a 50th wedding anniversary.

However, that latest engagement found me recuperating in bed for the last 3 days. Don't you just hate it when you have fatigue written all over your face? Even if I am now able to return to my duties, I still feel that tiredness deep inside, as if it has invaded every lacuna of my bones. My mitochondrias must be hard pressed lately to make up for the lack of rest a…


Vatel Manila has been busy the past year with some projects at the Mango Farm. Year 2006 also opened with a project in a farm in Dasmariñas, Cavite. This is the first time (and hopefully not the last) that I did a project outside my home base of Antipolo.
The event was the 50th wedding anniversary of the Ledesma-Osias couple and we were tasked to design the stage as well as to decorate the concrete chapel's facade with tropical colors. We also did the planning for the physical setup (where to put the tents, tables, etc.) Work was started a week before the event with me taking the 45-minute drive to The Farm (yes, that's what it is called). I took photos of the space before me, enlarged these for sketching purposes, worked on them overnight, and handed the draft plans to the farm engineers for execution.
Here are some before and after photos. MANY THANKS to the several Southville International School-based drivers assigned to me (Kuyas Bernard, Fernie, and Atel!), Chief Driver S…