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As promised, here are some images of the recent exhibition we just participated in. We'd like to thank everyone who gave us their time, and who have accepted our invitation to visit us at The Mango Farm this October 22, during the grand food tasting of one of our accredited caterers, AUFFRANCE ( .

The event poster. The overall theme is Filipiniana. Sawang sawa na daw ang organizer ng foreign-influenced wedding themes. Buti naman!
The decoration at the main entrance of Megamall's Megatrade Hall 1
Wedding photo of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos (original on display; freshly autographed by the guest of honor, "Love, Imelda Marcos")
The guest of honor arrives rather late. We were standing outside the Hall for half an hour. This is at the 5th level of Megamall Building B, where the exhibition and trade halls are.
My first time to see her in person, would you guys believe? She's old now but elegant as ever. She wasn't wearing much jewelry since most of he…