Photo credit: Orange Studio by Kent Lazzaraga
To all our readers & to first-time visitors, please be guided with our availability below. Thank you so much for your patience & support! We'll be getting back to you very, very soon. ^_^ 
2014 SLOTS Availability (as of April 1, 2014)
JanuaryFully Booked
February: Fully Booked
March: Fully Booked
April: Fully Booked
May: Fully Booked
June: Fully Booked
JulyLimited Slots Due to the Usual Bad Weather
August: Limited Slots Due to the Usual Bad Weather
September: 14 slots available
October: 7 slots available
November: 15 Slots Available
December: Fully Booked
2015 SLOTS Availability (as of  April 1, 2014)
January: 9 slots available (not accepting events from January 1 to 6)
February: Slots Available (not accepting events from February 9 to 20)
March: 16 slots Available
April: 19 Slots Available
May: 17 Slots Available
Thank you for your support! We look forward to be of service as soon as we are able! :-)

Photo Credit: Really Awesome Weddings (R.A.W.)
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