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--  We're starting this wonderful, rainy week with something really sunny. We have been working on weddings in Boracay for many years now, but every wedding is always special. The venues might be the same, even the suppliers, but the details are almost always different and the love, always warmer and more special as the years go by. It's really one location that we never get tired of.
This week, we are happy to share with you Guinno and Rica's wedding. For this event, we're working for the first time with Baguio-based photographer duo, Owen and Nikka, of Owen and Nikka Photography. Their capture of this wedding was awesome, very detailed, and very warm. We look forward to working with them again, hopefully in their home turf (crosses fingers!). Of course, do not miss the SDE prepared by Iloilo City-based My Revery Films at the end of this post (great visuals, great aerial shots!). Kudos to the creative team for making this wedding a successful one. Enjoy this post, ev…