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--  Today, we're sharing with you this light & bubbly engagement shoot of Paolo & Apple. We love how everything seemed so relaxed and fun, and we most especially adore the restaurant set - seriously, how many engagement shoots actually feature couples doing what they love doing the most? Weddings are celebrations and more than anything, it should celebrate you and who you are so why not enjoy every minute of it? ^_^   --  CREATIVES_ // Photography_ Toto Villaruel X Nicolai Melicor  HMUA_ Chichi Sotomil Location Guide_ Sweet Ecstasy [Cubao X] + Nolita [BGC] --


--  Having seen practically the same wedding themes getting repeated in the last few years, Jeff & Paula’s City Modern wedding was definitely a breath of fresh air. The theme was all about expressing one’s individual style coupled with a nod to the old, the classic, and 21st century sensibility. We totally love how clean, streamlined and young everything looked: from the gown styles, the selected patterns, and the color palette – all complemented by the playfulness of the botanical-inspired bouquets & the city rustic-inspired table arrangements of K. by Cunanan Catering. This event is a lesson in restrained elegance, and we’re just absolutely thrilled to have been a part of it. ^_^

Our friend, Cebuano photographer Marlon Capuyan, was just the perfect choice! He truly captured the feel and flavour of this whole experience. Please check out their wonderful SDE, as well, by My Revery Films.

Today, we’re happy to share Jeff & Paula’s delightful wedding with you, our dear read…