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--  It's been a while since we last featured an engagement session here on the blog, but this particular shoot is special and timely because Ed & Chimene are getting married today in Baguio City. We're very delighted to share with you this lovely set from Red Monkey Studios. Congratulations & Best Wishes! ^_^  --  Photographers_ Abel Baldemor + Fay Nicolas Stylist_ Aira Franco HMUA_ Fritz Mortel Shoot Coordinator_ Rhia Lluea Darang Location Guide_ Baguio + La Trinidad  -- --
We feature engagement sessions to show how our couples prepare for their big day. If you are a Vatel Manila couple & wish to share with us your own, please let us know!


--  More than being our first ever wedding in the lovely island of Bohol, what we truly loved about this 2012 wedding was the theme: Art Nouveau. Long before the Philippine wedding industry became obsessed with anything related to The Great Gatsby, Chris & Amanda already knew what they wanted and how they wanted it. The island itself lends its charm to the theme, and the couple's own home, the Peacock Garden, was already perfect for it. 
You have to give it to Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila for elegantly putting together Chris & Amanda's ideas. Everything was pretty & polished. Adding to the charm are the couple's cat (Chris' boutonniere was actually a metal cat), and the various wooden chairs gathered just for the ceremony. And who won't fall in love with the gowns by Veluz & Sassa Jimenez? ^_^   
For Amanda, we created a cascade of Peonies, Roses, Queen Anne's Lace, and a certain variety of Eucalyptus leaves that were flown in just for this…