Tuesday, June 08, 2010


This is not our first time to have a black + red color motif. Our first one was this wedding (official photos are here) last December 2009, and there's always the need to up the ante a bit when the same kind of color motif presents itself. For this wedding, we used two shades of red Ecuadorian roses and random inserts of Zantedeschia of the Black Star variety, one of the most dramatic members of the mini calla lily family. When did black become an accepted color in weddings? I don't recall how and when. It started around September last year and went full gear as December came around. Now, a lot of brides want black - or just touches of it - for their wedding motif. This is a very curious development in the Philippines where weddings remain traditional for the most part. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with elegance of neutrals in Filipino weddings? How times have changed. We look forward to more exciting wedding themes here in Manila and elsewhere.

20-25 years ago, using Celosia in wedding arrangements would have been unthinkable in the Philippines. People see it as a lowly colored grass fit only for adorning tombstones. But things are definitely looking up for this humble flower. Aside from being a proven medicinal plant (with an orchestra of uses you wouldn't believe possible), it has now gained the attention it deserves as a floral arrangement filler. With its unusual look and velvety texture, it does wonders to any thoughtful arrangement (note the word 'thoughtful'). But today, it stands on its own as the main attraction with the Black Star as the filler. The Bride's Maids were all agog over it and for once, there was a real threat of the bridal bouquet losing out to the minor arrangements. Ah, Goliath bows down to David. :-)

All the bouquets had Ti plant leaves folded at the base as a final wrap. I like this leaf better than the Polipodium.

For the flower girls, we used bundles of these pretty Mokara orchids and placed them in tin pails with black satin-ribbon accents. These reminded me of the carpet of Fire Tree blossoms that now cover several parts of the Farm. :-)

RECEPTION: The Glass Pavilion
STYLING: Lace Tan of K. by Cunanan Catering

Lace used tons of red roses in small stylish clusters (Left) to offset the black tablecloth which was used for all the long dining tables. Candles & string-quartet music highlighted the drama of the evening. For the VIP tables, the roses were arranged in a tight topiary (Right).

Left: Candles, roses and capiz shells adorn the metal tree. Right: For giveaways, the couple had miniature klompens (traditional Dutch clogs) made for their wedding. The tricolored ribbon, of course, reminds us that this is a marriage of two cultures, The Netherlands & The Philippines, both of which share the same three colors in their flags. Trivia: The tricolor of The Netherlands is one of the first and is the oldest still in use today.

"Food, glorious food!" - a line from the musical, OLIVER!

This wedding was a blast! Drinks (the names of will probably never see print here, LOL!) flowed all night long, and an amazing fireworks display closed the celebrations. The party may be over, but life is only beginning. All the best to you, Iwan & Ayeza! :-)


Preps: Eugenio Lopez Center
Church: National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage
Cocktails & Reception: The Mango Farm
Caterer: K. by Cunanan Catering
Photographer: Megapixel
Church Flowers: VATEL Manila
Entourage Flowers: Dylan Gozum of VATEL Manila

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Mariko said...

bravo, Dylan!
as you said... you must "up the ante", and I couldn't agree more.
Looking forward to more beautiful creations of yours. Cheers, Angel.


--  We're opening this busy month of December with this Tagaytay wedding that we worked on earlier this year. Truly, how time flies...