Sunday, January 24, 2010


Thanks to Ms. Mhaki Garcia-Lacap, got these raw shots of their wedding by Smart Shot Studio. I have nothing against formal portraits, really. They're nice, elegant and reflect the solemnity of the wedding tradition. The thing is, it's definitely not for everyone. There are couples who are too young for formal portraits and want it classic but a bit playful, yet there are those who prefer it hard-core classic. I personally like photographers who enjoy seeing the small details, and capturing these for everyone to appreciate. Details, after all, make a wedding (and oh please, don't do infrared too much! Not everything looks good in IR!). Indeed, each to his own.

This is the exact reason why we don't recommend any photographer in particular. The style of a photographer must appeal to you, and by no means should you get a photographer just because they give freebies or they're affordable (You're going to look at your photographs the rest of your lives, are you kidding me?!). When choosing a photographer, look at as much albums as you can. If you like a particular set, ask who took them and request that that person or group be part of the team that will take your photos. There are no second takes in weddings, you know. :-)

I think I like Smart Shot's E-Sessions more than their wedding photos. The treatment is different because, well, E-Sessions ARE different. They show the couple's character more, and are less tense than on the wedding day itself. But hey, that's just me, okay? If I get to see the edited versions, I might change my mind.

I do miss working with Marvin & Mhaki. They're so nice, nice, nice. :-) All the best to you in your new journey as man & wife!


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Anonymous said...

i agree to this blog. I wish i was able to read this before booking smartshot. I'm a little bit disappointed with our wedding pictures as they have failed to capture details and super special moments of our wedding. Sad to say that Smart Shot did not give justice to our wedding details. On a bright side, we booked a backup photographer and he did really save us.


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