Sunday, February 07, 2010


There's always that feeling of awe when working with someone whose reputation precedes him. From an "emerging wedding lensman" (an ad that was entered in 88db in 2008), Nelwin Uy has gained a steady following from couples and photography enthusiasts alike. The updated look of his work probably stems from his equally creative past as an Art Director where the need to update meant so much in order to survive in this business. Nevertheless, Nelwin is able to capture those relaxed, natural moments that other photographers only feign to do.

For this particular wedding, the upside of having shot the preps at the Farm was the use of the surrounding space for taking photos of some stuff (i.e. flowers, rings, invite, gown). As one of his staff said,"Para maiba naman. Lagi na lang kaming nasa hotel." Indeed. And the winner, in the end, will always be the couple (in this case, Jack & Ruth). The evidence is in these lovely pictures. :-)

Thanks so much, sir Nelwin, for allowing me to post your photos! :-)

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