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The couple for today are blessed in every way possible - great weather, friends who helped them throughout this event, guests who shared in their joy. Yes, they both deserve all these and more. God bless you both always! Your visits (and our seemingly interminable email exchanges) will be greatly missed! :-)

Left: The entourage assemble in front of the ceremony site. I kinda missed informing the driver of the Benz to wait muna sa taas ng driveway and not wait down here, but it was too late. Wait, hindi nga pala ako ang coordinator. Right: I remembered at the last minute that the bride requested a Christ-less cross. I couldn't decide whether to actually make one using mango branches or just make something symbolic. I ended up digging out this brown moire ribbon from my bag of wonders and made a very simple cross at the back of the setup. I guess it looked okay naman. Not really pushing it.

Left: Behind the scenes (quite literally). Right: At last, the bride walks up the aisle, acknow…


The much-copied wedding gown of Princess Grace of Monaco was designed by Helen Rose, wardrobe designer at MGM. The MGM Wardrobe Department made the wedding dress as a gift.

At the time, film star Grace Kelly was tied to an MGM contract for another 7 years. To get out of her 7 year contract with MGM, Grace Kelly had to agree to the wedding being filmed by MGM for worldwide distribution, a decision which she later regretted.

The wedding gown was made from antique Valenciennes point de rose lace, twenty-five yards of silk taffeta and ninety eight yards of tulle. Her veil was covered with appliquéd lace lovebirds and thousands of seed pearls. Work on the gown spanned six weeks by three dozen seamstresses.

Prince Rainier designed his Napoleonic-influenced dress uniform himself.


Regardless of the five-minute light shower today (the Farm's happy rainbow umbrellas were very helpful), the ceremony went on as planned. No Plan Bs this weekend, yes! Thank God for the blessings bestowed on all our couples and visitors. :-)

Left: The groom awaits his bride as she slowly walks up the aisle (Right).

Left: The coordinators channeling the Aldeguer Sisters! Right: I am loving the new treatment of this very popular setup at the small Gazebo. The fresh Kamuning leaves, dry mango branches, white Dendrobium orchids and several lighted candles make it very magical and cozy. What was intially planned was an all-white branches thingy which we already did four times last year (ergo, it's SO last year!), so we asked the bride earlier this week if I can do something like this instead. Am I glad I did! It went well with the environs as well as the capiz curtain backdrop. An all-white setup wouldn't have registered as well on camera. We do not plan to do this again, however…


How time flies. I still vividly recall the couple's first visit at the Farm. Months of planning after, the big day has finally arrived. Truly, good things come to those who wait. :-)

Left: Thanks to Mom, a shy flower girl makes it down the aisle. Right: The bride with her happy parents.

Left: Good friends make great coordinators! Smile, ladies! Right: I keep on forgetting the name of this ensemble, but they're a regular at the Farm.
For this wedding, only happy tears. Lots of it! :-)

Left: Non-traditional music choices for weddings are always a pleasure to hear. Here, the music sheet for Steven Cravis' Through the Kaleidoscope. The wedding itself ended with Vivaldi's Spring. Beautiful! I love Vivaldi, but Handel is my personal favorite. I would love to hear Handel's Suite No. 1 in F (Air) for the entourage & the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba for the bride's entrance, but this will work only in majestic churches with kilometric naves. Right: The bouquets sittin…