Saturday, December 12, 2009

GARCIA - LACAP (December 12, 2009)

If you were given these marching orders:

Primary color(s): Plum / Purple, Periwinkle
Secondary color(s): Fuchsia, Chartreuse, Yellow, Pink, Lavender, Peach

What are you to do? Here's what we did. :-)

Left: The bridal bouquet is composed of large Ecuadorian roses in fuchsia & lilac tones. Inserted in between are Queen Anne's Lace, yellow Craspedia globosa (a.k.a Billy Buttons or Woollyheads), blue Eryngium (thistle) & topped with chartreuse Cymbidium orchids. A plum satin ribbon wraps the handle and adorned with a wisp of ostrich feathers and a diamond brooch. The bride agreed to my suggestion of veering away from her official color scheme and use a fun-looking bouquet instead. This is what we came up with. Right: The bouquets for the two mothers is arranged in a "grouping" fashion: two-toned Carnations on one side, Eryngium at the back, fuchsia roses in the center and chartreuse Cymbidiums at the front.

Left: For the rest of the entourage, we used two-toned Carnations, rice flowers, fuchsia roses, crystal inserts and Eryngium. The ribbons were color-coded to contrast with the gown colors. Right: The crowns for the flower girls is made of rice flowers entirely.

Left: A chartreuse Cymbidium fascinator with coque feathers. Right: The pomanders for the flowers girls is made up of baby pink Carnations & dainty rice flowers with crystals inserted randomly. When I was starting as a florist, I was already using rice flowers extensively even while other people were ignoring them. Now, they're so in demand that prices have risen remarkably. Tsk, tsk.

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