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REAL WEDDING: JASON & CHYI (January 3, 2010)

I am not quite sure if my math is right, but today's wedding is Vatel Manila's 74th. Wow. We've come a long way from having just 1 (yes, ONE) event in 2005 and 5 in 2006. Whenever I look at photos of events that I did way back then, I cringe. "Tacky" comes to mind easily. The sign of birth pains is written all over our past setups. After 74 events, we can proudly say that we have improved our craft - and continue to do so. 2010 will be a different year in terms of design & materials to be used. More unique & one-of-a-kind bridal bouquets will be made and new garden wedding setups will be introduced that more or less reflect the couple's personalities.

I admit I had great difficulty in designing today's wedding. I think it's a huge challenge to create a wedding space for a very young, informal couple without having to make one that borders on carnival-esque. In the end, it was the Farm's environs which inspired us and we decided on a romantic theme - best suited for the young and terribly in love. For the altar, we borrowed the wrought iron candle backdrop of K. by Cunanan Catering and covered it entirely in fresh, fragrant Kamuning leaves to mimic an ivy wall. Although it doesn't look like it in these pictures, my concept came to fruition when I saw the on-site AVP of Atty. Raymond Fortun, the official photographer. Behind the couple was a lush, candle-lit backdrop that clearly was what we wanted to achieve in the first place. :-)

I am not sure if 'bold' will be a look we want to use often this 2010, but these black jars with dozens of fuchsia roses definitely fit the bill. Naturally, that kind of look requires the use of a red carpet - all 80 yards of it! A late addition to the setup were these curly willow stems with eucalyptus leaves, courtesy of Lace Tan of K. by Cunanan Catering. Thanks so much, Lace! :-)

The ceremony was short & sweet with laughter & tears all around. I love weddings (especially those done in a garden setting) for the spontaneity, heart-felt messages (especially the ones where the couple honor their parents), and the overall feeling of being part of one great union between man & woman, heaven & earth.


As much as possible, I try to align my garden wedding setups with the look of the reception to create that sense of continuity. I usually find out ahead who the caterer is and since catering styling can be easy to predict, it isn't that difficult to adjust accordingly. Left: Fuchsia roses, purple Carnations & Alstromeria on the guest tables. Right: Since there were only 175 guests, the caterer provided a large space for the kids where they can have fun with coloring books and of course, enjoy their food.

Left: The pretty cake by Candycorations! Right: Details of the reception flowers.

Left: As the couple were photo enthusiasts, table names were camera brands. Since I lean towards lomo, I chose to photograph the Holga! Yipeee! (deep inside, I still dream of getting my own LC-A someday).

Lace Tan made the color motif work so well that I had seconds thoughts of screaming my head off. And oh, the two-way buffet experiment did work! :-)

When at The Mango Farm, how can one NOT have anything with mango in it? I am loving the panna cotta with mango slices, although my favorite Cunanan dessert is the Flambéed Mango with Vanilla Ice Cream. The yummiest ever!


As we speak, we have been experiencing a near-overdose of pink-purple-violet-plum color schemes - yes, the colors of the 2009! I swear: If I see another color scheme of this sort, I am so going to run out of the room.

Left: The bridal bouquet in candy colors: fuchsia Ecuadorian, light pink Cymbidium orchids, & tiny violet Phalaenopsis. Don't fret: Atty. Raymond Fortun's photo of this bouquet does it justice, ha ha! Right: Pomanders of light pink Carnations and Rice Flowers for the little girls.

Left: For the Moms, a mixture of fuchsia roses, rice flowers, Phalaenopsis, Hypericum, & Cymbidium. Right: For the rest of the entourage, fuchsia roses, rice flowers, snapdragons and grass accents.

Jason & Chyi, thanks SO much for allowing me to be part of your wonderful day! :-)


Ceremony Setup//

Entourage Flowers//


K by Cunanan Catering
c/o Kaye Cunanan
Tel. Nos. 711.0940 (look for Meg)

Atty. Raymond Fortun (Main Photographer)

J. Lucas Reyes (Secondary Photographer)

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