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GISBERT - AGUIRRE (December 14, 2009)

When the couple first visited the Farm, they mentioned something about doing a Jewish wedding. Funny enough, I actually have two chuppahs at the Farm, sewn way back in 2005 for Vatel Manila's very first wedding. That wedding wasn't Jewish, but I kinda felt that it's nice getting married under such a structure especially in gardens. For this wedding, I didn't use any of my two chuppas. Instead, we created a new one for them, something larger, because they wanted to sit down instead of the usual (which was standing up). The altar was very simple. The adornment was just a vase of fragrant Easter Lilies (as requested by the couple). We simply lighted all four corners so that it will come alive in the evening.

In the olden days, no significance was attached to open-air ceremonies. In time, however, a ceremony under the stars took on great importance because of a symbolic association to a Biblical blessing,"I will multiply your seeds as the stars of heaven." (Exodus 32:13).

Left: The veiling ceremony at one of the Farm's trellises. The groom, escorted by his parents and attendants, is taken to the bride and he lowers the veil over her face. This practice is based on the precedent of Rebecca, who "took the veil & covered herself" (Genesis 24:65) prior to her meeting with Isaac. After the "covering" of the bride, the people respond with the blessing which was bestowed upon Rebecca,"Our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of ten thousands." (Genesis 24:60).

Left: The Bride's Maids carry lighted lamps. Right: As in the Temple era, brides were borne on a palanquin to the wedding rites, usually a house, to the accompaniment of strains of music & much jubilation.

Left: The bride joins her parents after getting off the palanquin. Left: After going around the groom seven times, she joins the groom at the altar.


This is LIKHA's first event at The Mango Farm. Sorry, but I didn't get to taste the food so you're not receiving any feedback from me, but setup looks nice and clean. It actually feels very, uhm, American (whatever that means). Loved the "foyer" they created at the Glass Pavilion's West Wing entrance! They put up a swagged tent with this lovely acrylic-crystal chandelier. Anyway, had a short chat with LIKHA's owner (she's so young!). They've been at it for 15 years now in Southern California and they just opened in Manila this year. I wish them all the best! They seem very promising. Now, if only the Account Executives would smile some more. :-)

Left: LIKHA's setup for the presidential table. Right: The shining, shimmering, splendid wedding cake by Joy San Gabriel!


I was totally overjoyed to see Gloriosa lilies in Manila. I thought they are not grown in the Philippines! It happened that I saw four bundles of these super lovely flowers in one of those obscure shops near Dimasalang that I bought two bundles for use in today's arrangements. Although I haven't really planned of using anything else for the arrangements, how can one resist using flowers that I only see in Martha Stewart Wedding magazines? And there it was, a pailful right in front of me! It's a good thing that magenta & yellow are in the color scheme (to represent the priestly colors; please don't ask me to explain!) so I placed some on the mothers' bouquets (Right)and some on the Maid of Honor's (left). Here, all-purple Lisianthus and a mix of rice flowers (2 colors) and a Eucalyptus wrap at the base.

Although I have worked several times with Ecuadorian roses before, this is my first time to do a classic arrangement like this. A vision of white: 20 pieces of these large roses and a Gypsophila base. This, for me, IS a bridal bouquet, hehe! There's no replacing timeless white roses if you want to go for that elegant look. On the handle, a diamond brooch and a wisp of ostrich feather for a touch of whimsy. The bride loved it! :-) Thanks so much for allowing me to work with you!


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