Sunday, December 20, 2009

CRUZ - BINAG (December 20, 2009)

This day started at 5AM with me harvesting some branches from my collection of dried curly willow for the aisle flowers. At 6AM, both my hands were already full of white paint. By 8AM, I was carrying some stuff to the ceremony area.By 9AM when my staff arrived, I already finished the job by 70%. Yes, that was how ganado I was for this event, ha ha! By 9.30AM, I cleaned my hands (my hands smelled of thinner the entire day), bathed, changed into my formals and drove to The Astoria Plaza to deliver the flowers. It's been a weird day actually: umaaraw na umuulan. I have been praying hard because this is my last garden event for 2009 and oh, dear God, He can't allow it to rain today! Hours after, we keep on thanking the heavens for giving us the chance to do this beautiful wedding. To A & J, all the best to you! Thank you, thank you so much!:-)


For the first time in my almost five years of working with flowers, I was tempted to use a floral spray. One of my suppliers' interpretation of "burgundy" was something that looked like deep plum (or black, if you want to call it that). For the first time, too, I cried. I have never been this disappointed before. One of those days when you wish you owned a backhoe.

To cut the long story short, all I had to do was to be honest about the problem of the mini Calla's red shade with the bride, Joan, and get it over with. Torn between the Black Star & Deep Mozart, I chose the latter because it was the closest to our color scheme. It was a good choice. First, because the flowers of the ceremony were already too red & the entourage's gowns were so dark. If the bouquet were just as red, it wouldn't have stood out. Indeed, Plan Bs sometimes turn out to be better than Plan As. Anyway, we also made faux Fiddle Head Ferns.

Left: A happy mix of fuchsia Cymbidium orchids, roses, Carnations, & Snapdragons are nestled comfortably in this polished nautilus shell (ordered from my suki at Ils-de-Tuls at P500/each). Right: For the kids, easy-to-carry tin pails with lush pink Alstromeria made dramatic by black satin ribbons.


Ceremony Setup//

Entourage Flowers//


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